February 25th, 2011
Latino Republican Support Waning

A new poll shows Latino support for Republicans is very low. The survey of Latinos voters, conducted by impreMedia and Latino Decisions, found that:

  • 9% would vote for a Republican candidate in general
  • 8% said they might vote for a Republican candidate in general
  • 43% would vote for President Barack Obama
  • 70% approved of him as a president
  • 47% ranked immigration as a top policy priority

Apparently, the survey of Latino voters in heavily-Latino states found that Latinos aren’t necessarily left-leaning, they just don’t really like Republicans right now. As one of the researchers who worked on the survey, Gary Segura of Stanford University, said:

“I think the most interesting story here is how badly the Republicans are faring with Latinos,” said Gary Segura, a political science professor at Stanford University. “It is as if Latinos are not pro-Democrat, but rather anti-Republican.”

We’ve certainly been on the ball on this issue at News Taco. We’ve written constantly about how there’s a dire need for Latino politicians to be backed by major parties and political figures. Most recently, we wrote that Latino candidates should be seriously considered for the open New Mexico Senate seat. We also wrote that neither Democrats or Republicans are serious about giving Latinos a chance. President Obama hasn’t brought on any Latinos to his staff, which he recently re-shuffled, and the GOP isn’t interested in giving Latinos any substantive power, either.

Though it may feel as though harping on this issue is like beating a dead horse, the fact of the matter is no political party is taking it seriously. And, to confirm our nagging, all you have to do is look at these numbers.

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