May 26th, 2011
Wisconsin Rep. Files Arizona-Type Immigration Bill

Now it’s Wisconsin’s turn.

State Representative Don Pridemore of Hartford, Wisconsin, has filed a strict anti-undocumented immigrant bill that mirrors Arizona’s SB1070. According to a report on fox11online the legislation

would force local law enforcement to ask those stopped for civil or criminal violations for proof of citizenship or legal immigration status. If the person fails to provide any such identification, they can be detained for up to 48 hours until they provide proof that they are in the country legally. During that time, local law enforcement can only verify lawful presence with the authorization of federal officials.

If a detainee can’t prove their citizenship they will be remanded to the custody of immigration or border patrol authorities.

Although this bill is said to be a “watered-down” version of Arizona’s SB1070, it does take a cue from recent legislative activity in Texas.

It also would fine municipalities and counties $500 a day if they refuse to comply with the law. Pridemore said this would attempt to discourage any local officials from creating “sanctuary cities” for those in the country unlawfully.

Almost half of the states in the union have attempted to pass immigration bills similar to SB1070, but only Utah and Georgia have succeeded. The Arizona law is said to be headed for a final review in the US Supreme Court – the petition has yet to be filed.

The Wisconsin law, meanwhile, is in process but there’s no word if it will be debated on the floor of that state’s legislature.

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