June 2nd, 2011
Coors’ Message To Puerto Ricans: You’re All Drunks

You may or may not have heard of this campaign yet, but for the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade, sponsor MillerCoors decided to run ads saying “Emborícuate.” Now, if you speak a little Spanish you know that to mean “become Puerto Rican,” but you would also know that it’s a play on “emborracharse” or “become drunk.” It’s not an overreaction to see that MillerCoors is equating being Puerto Rican with being drunk.

Some people are mad, notably Latin Rebels, who started an online petition to get the ads taken down before this year’s Puerto Rican Day Parade, on June 12 in New York. The ads are all over — at bus stops, in the subway, and elsewhere. had a little more on the controversy:

We then contacted Millers/Coors, an official sponsor of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, for their side and a spokesman responded with the following:

“We would never produce advertising in any neighborhood or community that suggests, encourages, or endorses getting drunk, which is against industry advertising practices and our own marketing compliance code. We have a strong track record of responsible advertising and marketing.  We have always produced ads that encourage our consumers to enjoy our products responsibly. This specific ad is about celebrating the Puerto Rican culture and becoming part of the Puerto Rican Day celebrations.”

This is the third year of Miller/Coors rolling out the “Emboricuate” campaign.  The marketing strategy is part of the rollout to hype the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade.

This is not the first, nor the last time that companies will purposefully or “accidentally” make stereotypical or racist statements with their advertising. Remember Clorox’s insistence that cleaning was a “rite of passage” for Latinas (’cause we’re all maids)? Yeah. Sign the petition and watch’s report below.

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10 thoughts on “Coors’ Message To Puerto Ricans: You’re All Drunks

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  4. You know sometimes I wonder if we have become too thin-skinned and cannot handle a joke. Emborícuate is that, a joke fer cryin’ out loud! Much like Gabrielle said, what real Latina/o   drinks Coors Light? You do that in front of me, and I’ll revoke your Latino card membership!

      Let’s not become too PC to not be able to handle a joke, even a lame one.

    • Its obvious youve never been to Puerto Rico where Medalla, Heineken and Coors Light are the top beer sellers.  Its funny how latinos in the States believe that bc their great grandfather was puertorrican they know whats going on down here.  For God’s sakes!  The day all these nuyorrican pay taxes in Puerto Rico, own property and have to deal with the day by day goings on this Island then call yourself Puertorricans and THEN you can give your opinion about this whole status mess and what not.  But for now, seriously, just try to stay off the streets, kill people and give us, the real Puertorrican a good name.  We’re tired of travelling to the US and people are amzed were Puertorricans bc we dont wear the 10 inch long nails, the uber sized clothes or the extra tight camel toe looking jeans. 

    • gabrielle, i’m not sure i understand your question, if you’d like to know why we called it news taco, we lay it out in our “about us” section:  our intention is not to stereotype, but to allude to comfort food and try to emulate that feeling in a news website.  thanks for reading!

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