September 7th, 2011
A Profile Of News Taco Editor Sara Inés Calderón

News Taco editor Sara Inés Calderón was recently profiled by La Cosmopolatina as part of their series of Latinas who are inspiring and empowering others. Check out the entire profile here, in the meantime, here’s a snippet:

Occupation and why? 
I became a bloguera suprema, or a blogger in regular parlance, sort of by accident. I had been interested in being a reporter ever since I was playing Rachel (the reporter from “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”) in first grade, and when I graduated from college that’s what I became. I landed in Brownsville, Texas and worked as an immigration reporter two weeks after graduating from Stanford University. After a few other reporting gigs, an unfortunate run-in with being laid off, I found myself in the blogging world writing about social media, and later, working with News Taco…

I am proud to be Latina because: 
I look at my family and I see good, amazing people who came to this country with a strong work ethic and a desire to be better. When I listen to my tías chismeando or remember the conversations I used to have with my abuelito, I feel a strong admiration for people whose goal in life is to be decent, hardworking human beings who contribute to the world around them. What’s more, I love my languages, I love our cultural idiosyncrasies, our family’s story of migration, the symbols we use to feel at home and the the way we love each other. I’m proud to be Latina because it’s who I am, but also because it’s where I came from.

There’s tons more, check it out here and thanks to La Cosmopolatina for the opportunity!

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