September 9th, 2011
First International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival

The First International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival acknowledges the founding presence & contributions of Puerto Ricans, as Latin@s, in Spanish (East) Harlem. It seeks to educate our audience on the richness of the Puerto Rican community; what Puerto Rican culture and identity is about and how it is expressed in every facet of life and the arts. It is with a sense of purpose and urgency that the creation, development, and mission of the festival are to carve out an enclave of Latinos in “Spanish Harlem” and give tribute to Puerto Ricans.


The mission of the International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival is to recognize the Puerto Rican community’s place in the history of the City of New York as its first and largest Spanish-speaking group to migrate & settle and who made it possible for other Caribbean & Latin Americans to do the same. The festival also seeks to display and maintain the richness of Puerto Rican cultural traditions, creative expressions, and contributions to the welfare and growth of the United States.

For those interested please email for a festival application. Deadline is October 15, 2011 and submission fee is $10.

Sponsorship Opportunities are also available.

[Photo By pvera]

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