When East WillyB premiered last Spring, the show received a lot of positive coverage upon the release of it’s first episode.  Much was dissected in terms of how the show tackles race, gentrification, “Latinoness,” education, and about its talented and impressive cast.  Now that it’s available to view in its entirety, here’s a post-season breakdown of why it’s definitely worth a watch.

1.) East WillyB is funny.

The situations are commonplace yet creative, the characters are familiar but not cliche, the jokes poke fun at Latinos without dumbing them down, and everyone cusses and talks trash in some of the most clever dialogue I’ve heard all year.

2.) It breaks stereotypes while playing with them.

We’ve heard them all before – Puerto Ricans are loud, Mexican chicks are sassy and like to wear big earrings while mouthing off, Central Americans love them some futbol, and Latinos in general are total chismosos. But for every person of Latin American descent who fits the mold, there are two others who don’t and will make fun of them for exhibiting said characteristics.  Regardless of which category you fit into, you’ll still enjoy the show.

3.) Co-creators Yamin Segal and Julia Ahumada Grob made the show with you in mind.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and make the assumption about some our readers: Latino, or at least interested in Latino topics, bilingual and/or bicultural, urban or suburban dwellers, cultured, educated, youngish or young at heart, with a good sense of humor and somewhat web saavy.

4.) It’s urban but not melodramatic.

East WillyB focuses on the everyday residents of a big city, mixing it up together in that concrete jungle called Brooklyn, living their lives as the small business owners, artists, real estate agents, bartenders, alcoholics, hustlers, schemers, and dreamers that keep New York moving.  As opposed to the all too frequent Hollywood version of Latino urban where the result is gangs fighting over drug territory, pregnant chola alleyway knife fights, or ICE raids in downtown sweatshops.

5.) Each webisode is three minutes or less.

That’s less than a normal crappy network television commercial break where you’re stuck watching laundry detergent and car commercials.  The entire season can be streamed in less than half an hour. Watch the first episode and if you don’t like it, you only wasted three minutes.  Although we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy it and be left wishing it were 10 times as long.

Because the project is done without any big budget backing, the creators of East WillyB rely on social media buzz to spread the word about the show.  So check out the first episode below and if you like it, watch the rest on the official site, become a fan on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @EastWillyB.

[Courtesy Photo; Video by East WillyB]