December 7th, 2011
New Movie To Depict Life Of César Chávez

A new movie is set to depict the life of farmworker organizer César Chávez. The Diego Luna-directed movie is set to film in the spring. A casting call has gone out to cast the roles of César, his wife Helen and Dolores Huerta. Here’s a snippet from the synopsis, spanning the years from the 1950s to 1990s:

CHAVEZ depicts the struggle of the produce workers in Southern California and their united effort to overcome racial injustice and economic discrimination. Cesar Chavez was a dedicated family man, a devote catholic, and a true humanitarian at heart. Charismatic and genuinely kind, the call to help his fellow man was undeniable. His calling led him to the grape fields of Southern California where working conditions were extremely poor and often hazardous. Chavez soon recognized the need to unite these workers on a vast scale, and soon, with the help of his closest friends, formed the National Farm Workers Association. Despite physical, mental and financial hardships, Chavez continued to garner support from the Hispanic community.

Here are the parameters of the casting call:

  • Cesar Chavez, Hispanic appearing, English speaking, 35-40 year-old
  • Helen Chavez, Hispanic appearing, English speaking, 35-40 year-old
  • Dolores Huerta, Hispanic appearing, English speaking, 35-40 year-old

So you going to send in your audition? Deadline is December 10.

[Photo By CCF]