December 8th, 2011
More Latinos Than Whites Applied To CA State Universities

California State Universities saw record numbers of applications this year, but more interestingly, Latino applicants outnumbered white applicants for the first time ever (based on self-reported data). Here’s the CSU press release:

The submissions came from 258,834 distinct applicants versus 241,166 last year. Potential students typically apply to multiple CSU campuses…

The CSU has also continued a trend of attracting a group of students that reflects the diversity of California. Based on self-reported statistical data, no ethnic or racial group forms a majority among CSU undergraduate applicants. This year also saw a first with Latino applicants outnumbering White applicants by 33.3 percent to 31.2 percent.

This is important for several reasons.

The majority of students in California are Latino, so unless more Latinos apply to college, the state’s future will be one of non-educated professionals.

Secondly, California has a state version of the DREAM Act, important for the previously point.

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