December 15th, 2011
Marco Rubio, Texas Ed, Michigan Voting Rights In Today’s Politics Headlines

Arizona Can’t Argue Crime in Supreme Court Immigrant Fight: The argument is a curious one to make in 2011. Since taking office in January 2009, the Obama administration has deported more than 1 million people, a number so high it has alarmed pro-immigrant groups and vastly exceeded the record of any previous administration.

Human Rights Watch criticizes Alabama immigration law: Alabama’s controversial immigration law is “grounded in discrimination,” fosters a culture of fear and denies basic rights to undocumented residents and their families, a human rights organization said in a report released Wednesday.

Could Rubio save the GOP ticket?: Florida’s new Republican senator, 40-year-old Marco Rubio, is handsome, personable and smart. He can talk with intelligence and ease about foreign policy, the federal budget and the aspirations of the American people. And he has a Reaganesque gift for sounding reassuring, even when he’s arguing for Tea Party positions such as a complete overhaul of Social Security and Medicare.

Rubio perturbs Puerto Ricans: Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s opposition to confirming a U.S. ambassador to El Salvador could do further damage to his hoped-for role as a Republican bridge to Hispanic voters.
This week, Rubio voted against confirming Mari Carmen Aponte, said to be the first Puerto Rican woman ever appointed a U.S. ambassador, citing objections to Obama administration policies in Latin America.

MALDEF Sues Texas For Inadequate Education of Latino Children in State: Today, against the backdrop of the Dr. Jose A. Cardenas Early Childhood Center – located in the school district at the center of MALDEF’s first landmark school finance case, Edgewood v. Kirby, back in the 1980s – MALDEF announced the filing of a major education funding lawsuit against the State of Texas.

State Politicians to Michigan Citizens: ‘Democracy and Voting Rights? Bah! Humbug!’ As Millions Could Loose Their Vote: People from across Michigan speak out to stop State politicians attempt to crush people’s voice to decide if emergency manager law should continue

Ward remapping coming to a head: The clock is ticking and the Latino caucus says it’s time for push to come to shove at city hall, or at least to a vote on realigning Chicago’s 50 wards.

USHLI’s Project SED Will Spark a New Generation of Voters: The United States Hispanic Leadership Institute (USHLI) today launched Project SED (Students for an Educated Democracy), which aims to generate a new generation of voters.

Judicial Watch: New Documents Show Department of Justice Coordination With ACORN-Connected Project Vote: Judicial Watch, the organization that investigates and fights government corruption, announced today that it obtained records detailing communications between the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Estelle Rogers, a former ACORN attorney currently serving as Director of Advocacy for the ACORN-connected organization Project Vote.


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