January 5th, 2012
ABC Works The Stereotypes In “Work It”

Recently, I came across a clip of the new ABC sitcom called “Work It” that disparages Latinos, Puerto Ricans in particular by associating them with drug dealing. That’s not even a subtle stereotype, and the joke in the clip wasn’t even funny, as the canned audience laughter even felt forced.

The show appears to be a “Bosom Buddies” imitation, except instead of pretending to be women in order to live in affordable housing, the show makes it seem like women have better work opportunities, so men must pretend to be them in order to earn more. This is laughable in and of itself, considering that men earn more than women for the same work, $1 compared to 78 cents.

Here’s the clip:

The offensive line was, “But I’m Puerto Rican, I’ll be great at selling drugs.”

I don’t know about you, but what I would really like to see on TV instead of stereotyped, dimwitted, and unrealistic portrayals of Latinos is a more real-world version of us. What about teachers? My entire family, practically, are teachers. What about nurses? What about insurance salespeople? What about bloggers?

Most of the Latinos I know don’t act like sidekicks, but rather like normal Americans. I wish when I got home from my normal, American job, and turned on the TV that I bought with my hard earned money, I could see portrayals of myself and other Latinos that didn’t make me feel like I didn’t deserve as much respect as other groups on TV.

Thanks to Latino Rebels for the tip!

[Video By Latino Rebels, Photo By jbcurio]

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