January 12th, 2012
Texas’ Redistricting Case Is About Undoing The Voting Rights Act

Going into the redistricting trial next week that will affect  how Texas voters will elect their candidates for the next decade, it’s important to note that there’s actually a lot more at stake outside of the Lone Star State. At least that’s what our sources tell us.

We’re told that the State of Texas in bringing this suit, is trying to undo the Voting Rights Act —  specifically Section 5 (checking with the Justice Department that boundaries do not disenfranchise voters) and Section 2 (prohibiting discriminatory voting practices) — as well as trying to claim that the 14th (birthright citizenship) and 15th (granting former slaves the right to vote) Amendments to not apply to elections.

What that means, in non-legal jargon, is that a law that was created to protect minority voters is being dismissed by the state of Texas as unnecessary, during a trial in which the state of Texas purposefully disenfranchised Latino voters.

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