January 20th, 2012
Happy Friday From Rage Against The Machine!

If you didn’t grow up listening to Rage Against The Machine, or at least know who they are, it’s kind of hard for me to figure out how to introduce them to you. Suffice to say that they meshed rap and rock in the 1990s and threw in a whole lot of political baggage, too.

For me and my cohort, RATM (as we scrawled on our notebooks and backpacks in whiteout) represented are very personal version of 1990s angst. It was NAFTA and the death of death of grunge and Bill Clinton and a whole lot of other youngish, angsty stuff.

In any case, like most things, they quickly became mainstream and broke up in 2000, although they got back together in 2007 have been sporadically performing since. Vocalist Zach de la Rocha Is often characterized as being angry, but it has lyrics are pretty good, so she checked them out.

Note: Pretty much every song the band put out a profanity in it, so be warned.

Bulls on Parade:

Down Rodeo:

Fistful of Steel:

Calm Like A Bomb:

[Videos By ajw1212; MusicMagic28; Lilawunderbohnen; yurksemesh; Photo By Penner]

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