While most 17-year-old high school kids are worried about passing their science courses, young prodigy Javier Fernández-Han could be teaching the classes.

Recently named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list, Fernández-Han latest achievement is discovering a way to make algae digest sewage and covert it into methane as use for fuel.

The son of Mexican and Chinese immigrants, Fernández-Han has been featured in Popular Science as one of the nation’s top high-school inventors. In a video interview, he claims that he was motivated to make a change after visiting a 2005 World Expo in Japan, seeing a mock-refugee camp put on by Doctor’s Without Borders, and feeling “shocked” by discovering how 90% of the world lives in poverty.

While he’s not busy saving the world through his scientific experiments, Fernández-Han is working to develop the non-profit organization he founded at age 14, Inventors Without Borders, or giving talks alongside his father at TEDx events.

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[Photo By TEDxTheWoodlands]

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