February 3rd, 2012
Hablo Y Hablas: Cachai

Chilean Spanish is a Spanish like no other.  Between the staccato speech, the unique grammar, and the distinctive vocabulary and sayings referred to as chilenismos, even a native Spanish speaker can get confused.

One of the most widely used chilenismos, and the first I learned when I lived in Santiago, was “cachai”.  “Cachai” comes from the Chilean verb “cachar” which means “to get” or “to understand”.

Kyle Hepp is an American photographer based out of Santiago, married to a Chilean, and has spent many years of her life deciphering the Spanish of her adopted country.  We let her explain “cachai” in her own words.

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3 thoughts on “Hablo Y Hablas: Cachai

  1. Actually Kyle, there is no chilean verb “cachar”. The expression is an anglicism, which we chileans adapted from the english verb “to catch” and it literally means “Get it?” ?Cachai?

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