March 2nd, 2012
Happy Friday From Akwid!

When I was in college, before I went to study in Mexico, my friend Israel gave me a CD of Akwid. I thought it was the weirdest name ever, but when I popped the CD in and heard a combination of tubas and hip hop en español, the strangeness of the name soon faded.

Akwid is a group formed of two brothers, immigrants from Michoacán who grew up in South Central Los Angeles. Sergio and Francisco Gómez are now platinum Latin hop hop artists.

Check ’em out, ou might be pleasantly surprised. Warning, though, not all of their lyrics are PG.

No Hay Manera:

Es Mi Gusto:

Sentir La Vida ft. Zapp:

[Videos By AkwidVEVO; Ezkerunltd; AkwidVEVO; Photo By Lunchbox LP]

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