March 5th, 2012
Guapura 101: How To Find The Perfect Red Lipstick

If you’re like me, the wearing of red lipstick has always been something of a big deal. For me personally, the fact that I have very light skin means that, with the wrong shade, I can very easily end up looking ridiculous. But that should be no reason to stop anyone from rockin’ the red.

So I put together a few tips I was able to find por ahí,  let me know if these make sense to you, or if you have your own text add.

1.) Base the color on your skin tone, not your hair.

Apparently, the best way to choose your lipstick is based on your skin tone, not the color of your hair. Specifically, what this means is:  if you are fair go with coral-type reds, if medium go pink, if darker go darker.

Or, another way of thinking about it, is that if you have a yellow undertone you want to go with a lipstick with an orange or yellow undertone, matchy-matchy. So if you are super white, go with pink, and then if you have pink skin, go with a blue undertone red.

2.) Don’t add gloss.

Because red is a bold statement already, adding gloss might overdo it a little.

3.) Use lip liner.

Because red is such a bright color, any smudge will be very obvious. I have found that lip liner is a must when using red lipstick, you don’t have to use red, I often use nude.

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