May 1st, 2012
Possible Agreement on immigration? Yes, But…

By Victor Landa

I tend to straddle the line between cynicism and skepticism, so when I read this headline I did a double-take:

Components of Immigration System Seeing Bipartisan Agreement

It was in the Wall Street Journal’s YouTube channel. The video there was a report about how congress had actually come near to an agreement on an immigration matter. Specifically:

…expanding the number of visas given to highly skilled foreigners, particularly those who learned math and science at American universities…

It’s not comprehensive immigration reform, nor is it the DREAM Act, but it’s something. True (and here’s where my cynicism kicks-in) it benefits big business and the immigrant is the happy collateral beneficiary; and (this is the skeptical part) it’s just an agreement betweeen two senators to move forward.  And we all know what that does, and doesn’t mean.

HERE‘s a link to the story.

[Photo by  dionhinchcliffe]

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