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Mark your calendar, today will go down in history as the day that nothing significant happened.

All bets were that it wouldn’t be that way. In fact at approximately 8:59:55 this morning I held my breath. Then, nothing.

To quote NBCLatino:

The Supreme Court will soon announce rulings on cases involving three important issues – gay marriage, affirmative action and voting rights – and the decision on any of these could come today.

Underscore “could” in that quote. The expected decisions didn’t come.

So now we wait until next week, and fill the time with speculation. In my case, filling the time meant an email exchange with one of the smartest Supreme Court observers I know. This is what Dr. Henry Flores had to say about the no-decision morning:

Supreme Court only issued three opinions.  The Voting Rights Act case, same-sex marriage, abortion rights and environmental protection were not among them.  There is speculation that the justices are still composing opinions.  The VRA case is really complex so the scope of the decision is probably making it difficult.  There appear to be only two perspectives among observers.  Either SCOTUS will vote down VRA or narrowly approve (maybe withhold major decision).  Either way the guess is that the opinion will be very narrowly tailored.  In other words, the justices may focus on only one very narrow area of the law to comment on.

There are still eleven opinions to be released so watch for major pronouncements next week in some very important areas of federal protections.  So it’s wait and watch until Monday morning’s session.What a way to spend the weekend!

… gnashing of teeth … way to spend the weekend.

I’ll be holding my breath again next week, and keep all of you posted.

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