*This case has been obscured by cribbed speeches and political circuses. Nineteen year-old Pedro Villanueva was shot and killed by undercover California Highway Patrol officers. The police shooting happened when the troopers followed the youth’s pick-up into a one way street after he left a “sideshow” where folks drive doughnuts and do other stunts with their cars. A passenger in the truck says they didn’t know the men following them were police. Villanueva was shot behind the wheel when he made a U-turn. Fullerton police say the incident happened the same week as the shooting deaths of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge.  VL

By Michael McLaughlin, Huffington Post Latino Voices

The families of two teenagers who were followed and shot by plainclothes California Highway Patrol officers this month allege the cops never identified themselves before opening fire.

The July 3 shooting in Fullerton killed Pedro Villanueva, 19, as he drove his father’s Chevy Silverado pickup and wounded his friend, Francisco Orozco,18. Officers chased the pickup onto a one-way street and opened fire after it made a U-turn, authorities said.

“The officers never had an objectively reasonable basis to shoot,” court documents filed Tuesday by the teens’ families said. The filing signals an eventual lawsuit against the California Highway Patrol.

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Villanueva planned to enter college in the fall and worked in his parents’ Mexican restaurant, and Orozco was a landscaper, according to attorney Paul Kiesel, who represents the families. Both were unarmed.

Photos released Tuesday show the truck’s windshield . . . READ MORE

[Photo courtesy of Huffington Post]

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