Thursday, October 6th, 2011

With The Violence In Mexico, How Can I Help My Family?

Dear Martha: I am worried about the situation Mexico is going through. I was given the opportunity to live here in the U.S. but all of my family lives back in Mexico. Evert time I call them, things got worse and they keep asking me not to visit them, as that could be dangerous for

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Poll: Less Than Half Of Mexicans Say Gov’t Beating Narcos

As the death toll continues to rise in Mexico’s drug war, a new survey by Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project finds that fewer than half...

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Mexico Drug War Aid Delays Investigated

Somewhere between President George W. Bush announcing in 2007 that the U.S. would give México $1.4 billion dollars to fight drug cartels (Mérida Initiative) and now, just $362 million in equipment and aid have made it to...

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Drug Cartels Recruiting Kids

You may or may not have heard of Ponchi, the 14 year-old drug cartel assassin recently arrested in Mexico. The Chicago Tribune wrote up an interesting piece about how young people are increasingly being recruited by the...

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Living In Fear In Monterrey

I had an interesting Thanksgiving this year, not only did I get to hang out with my tía abuelita, but a cousin from Monterrey, Mexico was in town. He also invited a friend, a former magistrate from...