*Juan Manuel Santos managed to broker peace with the FARC guerillas. Now he’s working on a peace deal with the National Liberation Army (ELN). VL

associated_press_logo_1By Associated Press (2.5 minute read)

After receiving Nobel Peace Prize, Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos plans to donate $1 million to the victims of Colombia’s half-century war.

On Sunday during a visit with his family and top government officials, Santos made the announcement to an impoverished town in western Colombia where dozens of people were stranded in a church and killed during an intense battle between leftist rebels and far-right militias.

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He promised the residents of Bojaya that he won’t give up on securing peace with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia despite voters’ rejection of a deal with the guerrillas in a referendum a week ago. More than 96 percent of residents of Bojaya voted for the peace deal. READ MORE

[Photo by Ministerio TIC Colombia/Flickr]

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