By Renée Saldaña

Sometimes, it seems like mainstream media just doesn’t get it when it comes to portraying Latinos on television. From ABC’s “Work It“, Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Miami“, or the soon-to-premiere “Devious Maids“, the negative stereotypes just seem to  keep piling up.

It’s gotten to the point where we’ve turned our televisions off and turned to the internet in order to support positive images of Latinos in media. We’d rather spend our time watching clever web-based series that are created, written and produced by and for Latinos, one of our favorites being East WillyB.

East WillyB, based upon the creeping gentrification of a predominately Latino neighborhood in Brooklyn, debuted online last Spring and, according to its creators, has already become “one of the most successful independent series created for the New Generation English-dominant Latino” with over 100,000 views to date.

In order to turn out a second, extended season, the team behind East WillyB has launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter, in hopes of raising 50K in 50 days.  With a minimum pledge of five-dollars, it’s easy for almost anyone who enjoys the web series to contribute. There are still 35 days left to contribute, so check out the show and if you love it like we do, make a pledge and help keep smart, independent programming for Latinos, by Latinos, alive.

[Photo By East WillyB; Video From  ]

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